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Prof. Kindiki: We’ve achieved a lot in 3-months time

Prof Kithure Kindiki, addressing the media said that crime rate in the country has reduced by 13%.

Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Interior Prof Kithure Kindiki has enumerated the achievements his docket has docked in just three months.

The CS for Interior has praised how the docket, in whose hands the nation’s security lies, managed to contain mugging that had crept back to the city of Nairobi. In the months of September-October, residents of Nairobi and other major towns started to witness a broad daylight muggings in every corner of town. People could lose their phones anyhow, and nothing could be done. The CS now says that the containment of that crime can be directly attributed to his efforts in the Ministry since he took the oath of office. “Urban crime, especially the Nairobi muggings that had threatened to disrupt life and businesses in our capital city in the September-October season, has now been contained,” he said.

On border security, Prof Kithure Kindiki said that his Ministry (of Interior and National Coordination) has completely vanquished terror groups that’d occasionally cause panic along Kenyan borders with other neighboring countries. “We have disrupted many terror plots at source, neutralised and/or arrested dozens of suspected terrorists, and destroyed a huge cache of weapons and explosives that could have badly harmed our people – had they not been intercepted,” he said.

“The current crackdown on al Shabaab terror cells in Somalia, which is spearheaded by local community leaders with the support of the Federal Government of Somalia, has tremendously weakened this militant group,” He said security agencies are alert to ensure that militants do not cross into Kenya’s territory.

“We have stepped up our border patrols and upped our surveillance on the proliferation of illicit arms, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,” CS Kithure Kindiki said.
On the national coordination, the CS applauded his Ministry on how it has fast tracked clearance of cases of 1,678 applications and 19 appeals of citizenship, permanent residency and work permits in the Ministry, in just three months period.

“Going forward, we intend to make regular Public Accountability Statements on progress made every three months, consistent with the Kenya Kwanza Administration Policy of an open government,” CS Kithure Kindiki said.

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