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The Gabola Church that worships while downing Whiskey.

The Gabola Church again hit the headlines during the 4-month alcohol ban in South Africa with protests against the ban being that it allows its congregation to take alcohol during church service. Gabola Church is located in South of Johannesburg, founded two years ago by Bishop Makiti Tsietsi. Right by the name,Gabola a Tswana word meaning drinking, it is a church where booze is essential for service.

Revealed in an interview with Daily Sun ,Bishop Tsietsi Makiti said by just two months of its opening, Gabola Church had over 500 members and 2000 baptized . And when it comes to baptism ,one is baptized with the alcohol of their choice , be it beer, whiskey, cider , gin , spirit or vodka .

In Gabalo Church, the members bring liquor of their choice, the pastor blesses it so that it does not poison their bodies.Gabola church accommodates drunkards , those condemned and not accepted in the other mainstream houses of worship so as to provide a safe worshiping and drinking space.

When Gabola was founded it only allowed male congregates with plans to make it more inclusive and today in 2020 even women are allowed to be believers of Gabola Church of International Ministries. Minors on the other hand have no space in Gabola Church.

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