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Wananchi Jamii Fabricators the leading fabricators in Kenya

With the increased cost of living and unemployment in the country, majority of youths have preferred innovative technological jobs to office work. Many have factored and structured themselves in the jua kali sector to make their ends meet.

Here is Wananchi Jamii Fabrication Company, a company that has advanced in fabrications, building and construction which has in return changed and touched thousands of lives in terms of development through innovations.

The company which started in the year 2005 has since developed from fabrication works to more complex general Fabrications, involving modern buildings, roads and bridges. The company is located in Rongai, Kajiado County, along Magadi Road.

The need for building and Fabrication works in Kenya.

The development of industrial projects plays a key role in the economic growth of any country. Better infrastructure forms an integral part in economic development of a country through the provision of accessibility and transportation of goods across the counties.

Steel products is perhaps the most important metals to mankind since it is widely used for domestic, agricultural, industrial and defense purposes around the world. Per capita steel consumption is a major indicator of economic status of any country.

The Kenyan steel industry is poised for faster growth in decades a head as the industrial and economic development of the country gain space. The steel industry has recorded a remarkable performance in recent years, just like Wananchi Jamii Fabricators company which is capable of producing high quality materials of stringent international specification for high-end applications.

The 21st century is widely perceived to be the century of Africa and is looked upon as one of the economies with most promising prospects. This is a formidable challenge as well as an opportunity to the Kenyan corporate sector.

Fabrication plays a major role in National Economic Development, and therefore, increases the country’s overall income.The growth of this industry has significantly contributed to economic growth of the
Nation as well as to the region as it generates employment both directly and indirectly to many young people across the country.

The proposed estate and road construction works will enhance the overall development of the region proposed. This defines the importance of the said industrial sector in the nation.

With a team of highly trained and committed professionals in various fields such as road
fabrications, bridge fabrications, modern building and fabrications work blended, Wananchi Jamii Fabrication Company aims at satisfying its client’s desired outcome as projects are supervised and coordinated by professionals each and every stage from design through fabrication to the fitting stage.

Their clients cut across every divide including the National and County organizations, private entities and individual properties.

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