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Wahome Thuku deconstructs William Ruto

RAILA Odinga did not tell us he will soon be the kingpin of Mt Kenya.
He did not come to tell us that we will soon be asking for permission from him to enter the mountain.
He did not tell us to join ODM. He knows very well we won’t. We have even relaunched BUS. We will be in as many parties as we wish.
He did not come to insult our fathers and elders like small children calling them conmen.
He did not attack anyone, in fact he never mentioned anyone. He did not even attack the one governor who is now struggling to get a seat in UDA.
Raila is not part of Central
He is not in government.
He has come as a partner.
He has come as a person with whom we have fought in the past and made peace through handshake.
Even the woman who chased him out of her hotel in Karatina now requested him to go for a meal in her residence.
You respect us, you win us.

Wahome Thuku

Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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