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US thanks Kenya for plans to restore peace in Haiti

The US President Joe Biden has lauded the step taken by President Ruto to send police to Haiti towards restoring peace in Haiti.

The two Presidents spoke on a phone to the effect that the move taken by the Kenyan leader was a humanitarian approach towards a country that was in a dire need of international community’s intervention.

There has been upsurge in militant activities in the Caribbean nation, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) had to intervene in order to restore peace. Kenya was among the first countries to offered itself to bring back peace in a country that has lately been ravaged by infightings.

The Kenyan President described the mission to restore peace in Haiti as a moral obligation for the international community.

“The situation in Haiti demands, as a matter of humanitarian consideration, moral responsibility and fundamental justice, that actions be scaled up significantly to meet the demands of emergency relief, humanitarian aid, support for livelihoods and major interventions in public health and environmental protection,” he said.

Kenya will also carry out “targeted operations” along with the Haitian National Police. Kenya has pledged at least 1,000 police officers, and several other nations are expected to offer other resources.

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