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US rapper, Kanye West, to contest the US presidency in 2024

Kanye West. The celebrity has declared interest in US presidency.

American celebrity, Kanye West, will vie for presidency in 2024. The news comes back at heels of divorce issues between him and Kim Kadisha.

Kanye West is not known for politics. In fact, the celebrity has remained apolitical for the better part of his music career. This news will come as a surprise to his loyal followers – both in the United States, and overseas.

It is still not yet clear on which party ticket the rapper will contest the American presidency. In the US, there are only two political parties that are ever dorminance: the Democrats and the Republican. Kanye West had just confirmed his candidature in an interview that he did with Consequence Sound.
“Yes… it’s simple…it’s just we are moving toward the future,” Kanye West was quoted by the Consequence Sound.

Mr West would further disclose that he had entrusted the British alt-right political commentator, Milo Yiannopoulos, to handle all his political campaigns.

Should the musician sail through to become America’s 47th president, Kanye West will have followed the ubiquitous footprints of the 44th President, Barrack Obama – as being the second person of colour to have scaled that coveted height.

However, the controversy surrounding his relationship with Kim Kadisha will be a blight in his political career if he remains tough, and not allowing Mrs Kadisha to have with him an amicable dispute settlement out of the legal parameters.

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