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Uhuru roots for Constitutional change as Kenya turns 57

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday led the nation in commemorating the 57th celebration of Jamhuri Day. The President used the occasion to root for the 1st amendment of the Constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

President Kenyatta said in his speech that as Kenyans debate the Building Bridges Initiative, they must be guided by the spirit of inclusion, co creation and justices as the foundation for what he called the First Amendment to the 2010 Constitution.

The President added that the Constitution was a living document which Kenyans will have the freedom to improve on through many other amendments in future saying that it wasn’t cast in stone.

Highlights of the President’s Speech

And for the 1st time , the President openly rooted for an expanded executive saying that it does not augur well for the country’s nationhood to have two occupants at the apex of the Executive in the persons of the President and Deputy President. In this regard the President defended the creation of the Prime Minister and the deputies posts saying this had worked very well before.

The President said that Kenya is not a finished work but one in progress and reminded Kenyans of the transformation that started in 1965 with the Sessional Paper No 10, which inspired the Sessional Paper No 1 of 1986 on renewed growth.

The celebrations ended by awarding of honors and medals to various Kenyans who have made achievements in their areas of service. The Preside also awarded citizenship to more than 3,000 stateless persons from Rwanda and Zimbabwe and recognized the Shona as one of the tribes in Kenya.

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