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Two women arrested for drugging a man in Kisii

Detectives have arrested two women believed to have overdosed a man with a stupefying substance leading to his death in Kisii county.

The two women, Kajuju Samuel and Carolyne Kawira aged 30 and 26 respectively, were nabbed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths at their hideout in Nairobi’s Kasarani area, after days of engaging the crime busters in a cat and mouse game.

Earlier, the deceased had met the suspected ‘pishori babes’ at a popular entertainment joint in Kisii town on July 23, where a well known Kikuyu traditional music maestro had staged a spectacular performance.

According to witnesses, the trio had taken rounds of cold swallows as they were enjoying the infectious tunes from the artist cum policeman, who had created a storm in the Kisii town that night.

Even as they continued to take their drinks that night, the evidence of alcohol taking a toll on the victim’s body started to manifest. It has been reported that the victim had left his home in Nyanchwa estate, with the two babes in tow, with the aim of spending the night together. That was the last time that the deceased was seen alive.

After the incident having been reported to the relevant bodies, there were his (the deceased’s) assortment of electronic wares that were recovered, which included a laptop, mobile phone and a flash disk.

The two women are still in the custody of policeman to help with investigation.

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