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Raila says Luo community is part and parcel of Kenya

ODM Leader Raila Odinga has called on the Luo Community to vigorously market and pass the BBI bill reiterating that they are a part and parcel of the country. The ODM Leader said this during a consultative meeting bringing together Governors, MPs, Professionals, delegates and Members of the County Assemblies of the Lower Nyanza Counties on February 9, 2021 to discuss the Building Bridges Initiative (BB).

During the meeting, the former Prime Minister recounted elaborately the tough negotiations he had with Uhuru before agreeing on the handshake deal adding that the process was difficult and that they engaged in talks for hours before they came up with the points that birthed the BBI.

“Nobody wants to sell vegetables or push a wheelbarrow for the rest of his or her life. Therefore, the narrative of haves and have-nots cannot solve the problems the country is facing.” Raila added terming the hustlers and dynasty narrative as empty sloganeering that has no meaning to the people of Kenya.

Later Raila posted on his Twitter “Lower Nyanza has spoken emphatically, they’re anticipating the gains that will be realized, from the proposed constitutional amendments. They endorse and support the Nine Principles on which the BBI referendum Bill is anchored on and the envisaged constitutional changes”

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