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“Government cannot Police the Morality of its Citizens” President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta in his address to the Nation Monday 27, pointed out that some individuals have been breaching  Ministry of Health guidelines on combating the Covid19 epidemic, warning and directing the authorities concerned to spare nobody regardless of their political statuses.

“Spare no ‘mheshimiwa’ or individual who faults health protocols because of their ranks or statuses. Ranks and statuses exempt nobody from following the laid down laws on health.” President Kenyatta said.

Addressing the Nation from the Statehouse today, the president urged all Kenyans to hold each other responsible for the spread of the epidemic.

“Individual responsibility is the key in this fight. The Government cannot police the morality of its citizens.” Uhuru said while extending the night curfew by another 30 days.

The selling of alcohol has also been banned for the next 30days and eateries to close at 7 PM.  The president also directed the Inspector General of Police to give daily reports on the withdrawn licenses from business owners breaching the Covid19 control measures.

In his statements, Uhuru further directed the ministry of health to retain the retired health practitioners especially those working st Intensive Care Units.

President Kenyatta noted that Kenya is lucky that the 1.8% fatality rate is much lower than the Global average. However, he eulogized the 280 who have succumbed to the virus, regretting that the nation expects even more deaths.

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