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The disruptive game changer COVID-19: “Governments Fix the hospitals or you Die”

By Mr. Evans Musonda

Covid19 presents an opportunity for African Governments to fix the health care systems that works for all. Ministers and top government officials can no longer seek medical attention abroad. Worse still, people with money are equally affected by this disruptive. They will have to use the same hospitals and clinics just like ordinary citizens do.

Every government position now should be fixing hospitals and clinics to high standards. This will save tax payers money spent on specialized treatment outside the country. Specialized treatment should be localized. Africa has enough human resource. However, health institutions lack equipment and support to carry out specialized treatment.

Covid19 is appealing to governments to invest in science, research and technology. This kind of investment will guarantee enough medicines in the hospitals. In addition, governments will be well prepared for any future outbreak of pandemics. Technology can not be ignored in this time and age. Drones are now being used to deliver medical supplies and more.

Africa is endowed with different tree and plant species which can work in developing medicines and vaccines for different diseases. Our natural resources are underutilized.

Covid-19 has provided fertile grounds for paradigm shift in health care programming and investment. Governments world over are adopting new ways of improving their health care systems and investing heavily in research for vaccines and other medicines.

A good number of high profiled persons ( politicians and wealth individuals) across Africa have succumbed to treatable illnesses because they no longer able to travel abroad for treatment due to travel restrictions and they are now testing their own salt. This should ring a bell for governments to fix local hospitals.

Pandemics such as covid May be with us for some time and there is need for governments to strengthen the health care sector and create a value chain that will in turn create more jobs.

The Writer is an International Development Consultant and a Member of the Africa Peace Development Service Alliance formerly Africa Peace Service Corps

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