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Terror suspects in Siaya police murder arrested, killed

Police have killed two suspects in Siaya police murder, after they were found trying to cross border , in Awinga village, in Busia county.

The trio, of Somali origin, are suspected to be behind the brutal murder of a police officer who was an a company of other officers while escorting Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) papers in Siaya County.

The unidentified three men had attacked the officers, and stabbed one to death while his lady colleague escaped into a nearby bush after her AK-47 rifle was confiscated by the attackers.

The three attackers behind Siaya police murder were now on the move toward neighbouring country of Uganda when they sheltered themselves from a heavy rain in a certain man’s house. In the house, they decided to light a jiko in order to warm themselves when the owner of the house suspected them after noticing a protruding gadget from one of them.

A scuffle ensued in that house before the owner overpowered them, and took away the rifle. The owner of the house then raised an alarm to alert the neighbors of the unfriendly visitors.

“The trio then made their way towards Wanga Hills leaving behind an Arafat scarf red-white checked, a maroon T-shirt and a note titled ” Naam Assalam Walaikum Ikhwan Fi LLAH”, police said.

The gang grabbed the two weapons- an AK47 with 30 bullets and an MP5 with 30 bullets and escaped on foot, police said.

They were later killed in Awinga, Alego Usonga.They had moved from Wanga Hills near the border to the area where they were confronted, police said.

One of the attackers wore an Arafat shawl – which they left behind – while the other had a face mask on him.

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