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“Stop lamenting, go for visionary leaders.” Smokin Opondo tells nyanza leaders.

Honourable Smokin Opondo, north Sakwa ward aspirant tells the lamenting leaders to stop the complain and go for visionary leaders. In his well narrated story today to Nyanza Daily, Mr Opondo says that Kenya, especially Nyanza region needs committed leaders with vision and not Raila and Odinga enemies.

He explains by recalling that between 1780 and 1992, twelve solid years, the late Jaramogi Odinga was under house arrest while former prime minister Raila was in Kamiti and Shimo la tewa prisons. No ‘Odingaism’ by then. The ruling party was KANU whose chairman was the late Okiki Amayo from Karachuonyo the heart of south nyanza. Despite having eight out of seventeen cabinet ministers by then, cotton industry collapsed, Kikomi industry was closed and sugar fortunes died in nyanza. The only road in south nyanza during that time was single lane road from Kisumu through Kisii to Isebania, as Mr Opondo narrates.

“Kenya Power closed their regional office in Homabay and moved to Kisii since there was not economic activity in the region.” Says Smokin.

He further narrates that when Orange Democratic party chief Mr Raila was released from prison, he initiated the upgrading of more than six roads in nyanza, especially the south.

Mr Opondo acknowledges and recognizes the efforts made by former prime minister Hon. Raila Odinga to bring back sanity to luo nyanza region, ten years after his release.

“When somebody blames Odinga family for poor leadership, I really don’t know what they will say of the characters that dominated Luo politics in 1980s. We need better leaders not Raila and Odinga enemies.” Says Opondo.

Benard Lucas (Mc Ressy)
A media practitioner, event organizer, a writer and a poet. A world class motivational speaker.

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One thought on ““Stop lamenting, go for visionary leaders.” Smokin Opondo tells nyanza leaders.

  1. This is so spot on! I support Mr. Opondo’s sentiments to the hilt!
    We cannnot achieve development by complaining.
    If we feel Raila is not doing enough, we can help him, we should bring together our efforts to supplement his efforts; when we join hands, we will build our nation; but if we want to be complainers, cry babies and negative critics, we can’t be getting anywhere development-wise.

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