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Special Happy Moments 3rd Edition To Take Place At Kayole Social Hall

The third edition of special happy moments will be happening on the 25th August at the Kayole  Social Hall. 

The annual event organized by Kogelo Empowerment for Economic Development Organisation(KOOEDO) seeks to empower caregivers and children with disability. 

Themed meet and greet break the barrier,  the occasion is supported by partner organisations including the county government of Nairobi, Zandaux,  Trade winds,  Siginon, CITAM church and COMPE. 

Hitherto, there prevails negative attitudes and social taboos against PWDs in many parts of the world including Kenya. 

This neglect grossly hampers the development of God-given 

potential in terms of skills,  talents and abilities. This is a gap that KOOEDO seeks to fill.

Conveyed by Stanley Robinson Obadha,  the special happy moments aims to promote inclusive co-existence among the able and able differently in our communities. It also aims to identify gaps and fill those gaps by working together.

In a nutshell, it aims to advocate and lobby for the empowerment of children with disability and their parents.  

To support the special happy moments which relies on individuals and organisational support. 

The account details are as listed below. 

Account Number: 0650263517200.

Account Name: KOEEDO SHG. 

Equity Bank Kayole Branch.

By Oguna Mamba

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