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Size 8 urged to sue Komarock Modern Hospital

In a bizzarre twist to the sad loss of an unborn child by renowned Singer Size 8, more than a dozen former patients at the Komarock Modern Hospital have urged the musician to take legal action against the hospital and its band of quasi-qualified medical personnel.

According to the former patients, most of them depressed women that spoke on condition of anonymity, the government through KMPDC should move with speed to interrogate the Komarock Modern Hospital’s management over what they term as constant cases of negligence that have led to needless loss of lives at the facility.

The former patients are now calling upon the musician to join them in a petition they lodged at the KMPDC against the institution. Sources close to the petitioners confirmed that among the myriad of complaints was the hospital’s notorious deployment of unqualified personnel to handle critical medical situations.

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The petitioners claim many of the lives that have been lost since the hospital begun its operations have been senseless and most of their relatives would have been alive had the hospital not been negligent. The petitioners also allege that the hospital’s CEO Dr Salesious Nyamu is a man with a basic three- year Clinical Officer’s training but often masquerades as a qualified and experienced Gynaecologist. Its not unusual for Dr Nyamu to supervise and even personally conduct Caeserian Section operations despite the fact that his training had no scope over such a complex procedure as a caeserian operation.

While Size 8’s operation may have been an unfortunate one, the petitioners claim that similar operations have been handled successfully before at the same facility under other qualified doctors. They blame Nyamu’s inconsistencies and unorthodox ways for the tragic loss of the musician’s baby.

The petitioners are calling for the revocation of the hospital’s license to pave way for proper investigations to be held over the series of tragedies that seem to befall the hospital every now and then. They also want the Director of Public Prosecutions to initiate criminal proceedings against the facility’s CEO and hold him personally liable for the senseless loss of lives.

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4 thoughts on “Size 8 urged to sue Komarock Modern Hospital

  1. My people fail because of lack of knowledge. Do you think clinical officers are trained on top of trees?
    Reproductive health clinical officers perform ceaseren sections and many of comprwhensive obstetric emergency cases.
    Before blogging research well?

  2. Dr Nyamu is qualified and is a specialist in gynacology dont write something you don’t know, you just fighting back because he has made it.
    A doctor is not and can not and will never be the cause of death of a patient.

  3. Dr Nyamu is qualified and is a specialist in gynacology, stop posting details you ain’t aware of.
    Personally i have been treated there and my wife delivered there safely and the service were excellent.
    Always don’t blame the hospital or the Doctor.
    No single doctor trained to ignore or to neglect and i bet that you should check the meaning of neglegency before you post.
    If someone is angered or jealous about the success of the company’s CEO please just mind your business and stop looking for non weigt excusses

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