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“Servers must be opened” Raila Odinga says in KTN interview

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya leader Raila Odinga has said on Tuesday night that the IEBC servers must be opened.

“That is where we begin. The Servers must be open and if President Ruto knows that he won the election then why does he fear?”

Speaking on KTN News, the former Prime Minister accused the Supreme Court judges of collusion and they should have written separate judgements as was done in 2017 by the Maraga led Supreme Court. Odinga also alluded to being privy to the telephone logs of the supreme court judges and the people they were talking to and met before they delivered their ruling. As a result he said the ruling they produced left a lot to be desired. “The language of the ruling was insolent and Kenyans were disappointed.” He said.

Odinga also accused the High Court registrar sent by the Supreme Court to investigate the IEBC servers of doctoring the report that came from the verification exercise. Odinga said the judges denied them access to the servers. “They should have stood their ground that the servers be opened but they didn’t.” He added.

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