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Senator Gloria Orwoba goes to Senate with stained attire

Drama was on Tuesday witnessed in Parliament as Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba was kicked out of a Senate Plenary session for wearing a stained attire.

Senator Orwoba had givem a notice of motion on Free Sanitary towels ending period poverty. She then walked to Parliament precincts with a “blood” stained white suit pant to demonstrate the ordeal girls and women go through when experiencing their menstrual cycle.

The Senator had attended the session in a white blazer, green top, and a matching white trouser that was however sporting a pink stain.

The legislator, was however kicked out of the Senate for indecent dressing but she claimed she was on her periods, describing the stain as the result of “a natural accident.” She further termed the criticism levelled against her by her colleagues in the House as “period stigma,” which she says affects many a young women in the country,

She accused her colleagues in the house for stigmatizing her saying that’s the kind of period stigma that girls and women are having out there, to the extent that they actually kill themselves. The stigma starts from not accepting a very natural thing like having your periods.”

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