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Raila visits the family of ailing Rugby Icon Benjamin Ayimba

Raila Odinga and Benjamin Ayimba’s family.

Kenyan Opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga on Sunday paid a visit to the family of the ailing rugby icon Benjamin Ayimba.

While at it, Raila Odinga who is a sports lover said that he had extended his support to the family although he did not disclose what kind of assistance he offered the family.

“I met the family of Kenyan Rugby legend Benjamin Ayimba who is currently hospitalized to offer prayers, encouragement, and extend support to them. You are in our prayers Benjamin Ayimba.” Wrote Raila Odinga.

Raila’s visit to the family comes just a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta reportedly contributed 1 million Kenya shillings to offset Benjamin Ayimba’s huge hospital bill.

The generous gesture by president Uhuru Kenyatta came in the wake of Kenyans rallying to support the ailing rugby icon who is currently admitted in a hospital in Nairobi.

This contribution is to aid Benjamin Ayimba’s family who require Ksh2 million to offset a hospital bill accrued at a Nairobi hospital.

Just recently, the ailing rugby icon through his family urged Kenyans to help them settle the huge hospital bill which stands at 2.2 million Kenya shillings.


According to his eldest son Brian, Benjamin Ayimba is in need of specialized treatment which requires him to be transferred to a different hospital. However, the transfer is not possible since the family is supposed to first pay a pending hospital bill of 2.2 million before that hospital can set him free.

“The family thought it was not going to be this serious. So, we didn’t want to cause alarm but where we have reached now, we call upon the rest of the country to come to our help. With the hospital bill now standing at over Sh2.2 million, we need help as we have exhausted family resources,” he stated.

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