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Raila to sue Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has announced that he will take legal action against Nairobi Regional Commander Adamson Bungei and other senior police officers who brutalized peaceful protesters during the March 20th demos.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, March 21, the opposition boss accused the Bungei led officers of provoking peaceful demonstrations hence committing illegalities. “The police mated serious injuries on innocent people who were only exercising their right to demonstrate against this regime,” Raila stated. 

Raila claimed the officers provoked those who were protesting innocently on the streets and demanded the release of all the 231 individuals who were arrested during the Monday, March 20, mass action. 

The former Prime Minister announced that the protests will now be held every Monday and Thursday from March 27. “In response to public demand, we shall now hold protests every Thursday and Monday beginning next week,” he announced.

Raila accused President William Ruto whom he nicknamed “Brutal Ruto” of returning the country to the dictatorship age and accused the police of attacking demonstrators unprovoked. He said Ruto’s greatest aspiration is to return Kenya to the old dictatorship where he is the unquestioned tyrant controlling everyone’s life. “We have come to the conclusion that our police shall never change unless we make them change. We reiterate to our supporters and all patriotic Kenyans that this struggle is just starting. We are not looking and we will not be intimidated. No retreat, no surrender,” he said

Odinga also called for the boycott of companies which he said have become enemies of the people. “We call for the boycott of Safaricom, Kenya Commercial Bank, Radio Africa Media particularly The Star Newspaper who have become enablers and facilitators of this brutal regime.”

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