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Raila Odinga now launches “youth” resistance movement

Azimio leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has unveiled a new youth movement called Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD).

The movement was launched Sunday during a rally Kamukunji grounds in Kibera with its officials wearing what appeared to be jungle camouflage.

The bizarre outfit which speakers referred to as “Jeshi La Baba” (bab’s army) which include former and current university leaders claimed during the launch that they were fighting for the return of democracy in Kenya. However it was clear that this was about Raila Odinga when speaker after claimed that their goal was to take baba to State House.

Members of the movement including former Pwani university student leader Fikirini Jacobs and David Marara said Kenyans had lost hope in the electoral system because there was no democracy in the country.

Speaking during the rally the ODM party leader continued with his election denying journey claiming without evidence that Kenya’s president William Ruto did not win the August 9 presidential election but got to State House by ‘hijacking and subverting’ the will of the people.

Raila gave the clearest indication that his plan is to scale up anti-government protests and revealed that more anti-Ruto rallies will come and announced a “Ruto must go” slogan in what portends protracted political war. “Our stand remains that Ruto did not win the elections. He got into State House by hijacking and subverting the will of the people. He must get out,” he said.

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