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John Yahya Nene’s on why he is the best choice for Kenya

Presidential Aspirant John Yahya Nene.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, Kenyans of good faith, allow me to admit that we place this bid, under the sign of great hope for the people of Kenya and Africa.

Allow me to reiterate our open approach to this launch, and to echo further that should our views, presented herein be faltered, that we would gladly confer room for better ideologies to thrive. One, because we are a democractic republic, and two, because democracy gives us room to deliberate, unafraid, about the social, economic and political issues, affecting the growth and prosperity of our nation.

By exercising our freedom to freely express, as the rightful heirs of a great nation, It is imperative that we know, and grasp fully, those to whom our gratitude we owe. Since, the fundamental rights and benefits that we enjoy today, could not have been possible, had it not been for the relentless efforts of men and women who sacrificed, their infinite talents and abilities for us to be free.

Indeed, the milestones that we have achieved and witnessed hitherto, attributes largely to the revolutionary spirit borne by these individuals to whom we forever remain indebted. Thus, it holds us to a perpertual admonition, as responsible patriots of our country, to uphold and preserve alike, and with equal anxiety, the rights, of each individual regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or faith.

By reflecting upon the selfless efforts they exhibited, we are able to embark on a path leading to future we all want, and are we able, to preserve in public domain, for the next generation, the quintessential virtues beheld by these heroes that pledged their lives, fortune and honour for the acquisition of this priceless inheritance of a rich heritage transmitted to us.

Brothers and sisters, despite the waters that have gone under the bridge, today, marks a new dawn for our country. A country once a colony of the imperial British government. A country that has evolved from a de-facto one party state to one that now prides itself in multi-partism, devolved institutions and governing laws founded on the precints of its own values.

A country endowed with limtless wealth of natural resources in Agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, energy and tourism. A country whose oil reserves are estimated to be the second largest in Africa. A country so diverse in its linguistical, cultural, racial and religious composition.

A country characterised with rapid expansion in the telecommunications, manufacturing, transport and construction sectors. A country supported by a large pool of highly accomplished professional workers and high levels of IT literacy.
A country with flowing fountains within its borders, but one, that has not lived to its standards owing to the much, that has been unjustly robbed from it.

Brothers and sisters, our treasures have been plundered, our cultural practises supressed, our traditional artefacts sculptured by the divine hands of our ancestors, have been stolen equally, and stuffed in museums abroad. At the root of the rot is lack of leadership, or one marred with hypocrisy thereof.

Consequently, our country today remains underdeveloped, burdened with poverty, disease, tribal animosity, economic challenges, and with injustices. We remain burdened by heavy taxation and high costs of living from the ever hiking fuel prices.Even more, the corona virus has rendered millions of young people jobless, a majority of kenyans left to survive on their own creativity, ofcourse, with little or zero support from the government.

That the youth are leaders of tommorow- is another fallacy that has been purveyed to us since independence, for whenever tommorow comes, they put it off. Today brothers and sisters, marks the beginning of our morrow.
Marks the begining of a government that recognizes that beyond tribes and communities, are the most crucial foundations of families.

It is in this restrospect, that if we fail to stand up and claim to be responsible and accountable young servants in leadership, and stewards of today, that shall we imperceptibly slide down the slopes of our own destruction.

The sorry state of our country today, is as a result of the choices that we made yesterday,its prevailing conditions tomorow, will be pegged on the decisions that we are going make today. That we are going to make here and now. In our quest to champion for unity along superior interests common to all of us.

The coming elections, is not going to be about hustlers or dynasties, as we’ve been made to believe. It is not going to about issuing wheelbarrows or six thousand to the jobless youth holding certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters. Such shallow schemes comes across as greatest insult and mockery to the intellegence and sacrifice of our dear parents, who invested and toiled to educate their children.

The time is now, for us to stand together, and make the next elections about restoring the economic freedom and independence of our country. The time is now, to reshape the course of the next elections to be about radiating, amplifying and raising the levels of counciousness of our people. Above all, the coming elections, shall be about embracing our identity, purpose and direction as we move towards embracing our new value systems and restoring our dignity.

To ensure that we move towards realizing economic growth, development and prosperity for our people, we envision to take the following measures.

  1. Building a political institution for a nationally recognised party, anchored on a long term ideology, with stong independent and functional structures to ensure delivery of quality service to the people. A party that is systemically transparent, representative, engaging and involving. We have in place a strategy that will be implemented in the couple of months with the following achievable goals.
    -To strengthen the party organs
    -Increasing party membership in the counties
    -Profile and position the party as the official party of kenyans
    -Strengthening engagements, representation and inclusivity of youth, persons living with disability and marginalized communities
    -Develop sustainable resource mobilization strategy
    -Increase representation in government structures
    -Increase local, regional and international development
    -Empower and strengthen county county|grassroots office
    -Establish a leadership and governance institute
  2. We have a team of experts working to harmonize all available development blue prints into one practical document, with budget and timelines that we will be implementing once we form the government, through our collaborative efforts in 2022.
    Universal health care,
    Descent housing for all,
    Expansion of sporting and recreational facilities,
    Provision of clean water to all,
    Informed and efficient government policies,
    County economic specialization,
    Rapid infranstructure development,
    Modern, mechanized agricultural sector,
    Investment in Education and research
    Establishment of economic development boards
    Utilization of mineral, energy and tourist sector.
    Thriving capital market, open and flexible investment opportunities.
  3. We will, as a government, ensure a working legal system and respect of the rule of law. We will also investigate long-standing reports on past injustices including Ndegwa report, Akiwumi’s report TJRC report, Ndun’gu report among others. Since we believe, disginguished ladies and gentlemen, that we cannot attain lasting peace and prosperity without certain levels of justice.

The time is now brothers and sisters, “hakuna kungoja kesho”, for us to act upon our reflection as individuals and as a nation. It is our aspiration to be a country free of backward vices as Gender based Violence, our aspiration is to be a great nation and a best sister country to all African countries.

The time is now, that we must pool our intellectual and financial resources together in order to proclaim a reality that we can sire forth when united for a moral and divine duty. Eleanor Roosevelt, once averred that the future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams. It is only with your vote, brothers, sisters and Kenyans of Goodwill, and a vote for John Yhaya Nene, can we materialise, a country that we all want.
God bless kenya.

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