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President Ruto lauds Technological Innovation at IBM Research-Africa Labs fete

President William Ruto has emphasized the importance of technology, innovation, and collaboration in shaping Kenya’s prosperous future.

Speaking at the IBM Research-Africa Labs 10th Anniversary celebrations at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Karen on 28th September, the head of state said the event marked a significant milestone in the decade-long partnership between the Kenyan government and IBM.

President Ruto highlighted the need for a broader conversation to build upon the legacy of the government’s partnership with IBM, focusing on innovative achievements and pioneering developments. He emphasized the role of leadership in envisioning a future of opportunities and solutions, while innovators design them, with technology serving as the catalyst for delivering safe, secure, and sustainable solutions.

Recognizing Africa as a landscape of opportunity, President Ruto urged investors and technology companies to shift their focus to the continent, particularly Kenya, which acts as a gateway to the region and the continent. With a youthful, educated, and skilled population, abundant natural resources, and renewable energy potential, Africa is poised to become the global hub of the next industrial revolution.

President Ruto showcased the Kenyan government’s commitment to deploying technology to enhance the nation’s well-being, economic competitiveness, and security. Initiatives such as the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, digital connectivity projects, and the construction of the Konza Technopolis further exemplify Kenya’s determination to become an ICT hub, creating employment opportunities and facilitating the convenient access of market goods and government services.

Furthermore, President Ruto commended the collaboration with IBM Research-Africa, which has contributed to the country’s digital transformation. The partnership has resulted in cloud computing and hybrid cloud platforms, data analytics and artificial intelligence-driven solutions, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity innovations, benefiting various sectors such as healthcare, finance, agriculture, and supply chain management.

President Ruto expressed his gratitude to IBM for their confidence in Kenyan talent and urged them to continue training Kenyans in high-end technology skills. He also encouraged IBM to further extend their collaboration and open up the Research Lab for the benefit of Kenyan universities and government ministries, departments, and agencies.

In closing, President Ruto looked towards Kenya’s future as the gateway to East Africa and Africa at large, envisioning a Silicon Savannah where technological innovation flourishes. Through collaborative initiatives like IBM Research-Africa, Kenya aims to design, develop, and implement a future consistent with its highest aspirations.

The speech by President Ruto underscores Kenya’s commitment to leveraging technology, research, and innovation for national development, positioning the country as a leader in Africa’s digital transformation.

Note: This news report is a summary based on the speech delivered by President Ruto at the IBM Research-Africa Labs 10th Anniversary celebrations on 28th September 2023.

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