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Prepare for a referendum before the next general election-Raila

Opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga has urged Kenyans to brace themselves for a referendum before the oncoming 2022 general elections.

While addressing the press today at Chungwa house, the Orange Democratic Movement party leader said that Kenya cannot run away from referendum especially now when there is need to review the 2010 constitution.The former Prime Minister rejected the idea of holding the referendum together with the general elections as proposed by other stakeholders terming it tedious due to the many ballots involved.

In terms of cost, Mr. Odinga maintained that referendum is not a very expensive affair as is being portrayed by some quarters with an aim of derailing it.”A referendum does not need to cost more than two million Kenya shillings.We should not be told that there is no money to do it.No, there is money to do it and we can teach Mr. Chebukati how to do it,” said Mr. Odinga.

He urged Kenyans not to shy away from referendum since it is a normal political process practised worldwide even in the European nations.

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