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Police raid drugs yard, arrests Mathee wa Ngara

Police have recovered bhang weighing 100Kgs. The suspect is a known drug peddler by the name Nancy Kigunzu, alias Mathee wa Ngara.

The raid that happened last night in Ngara, Nairobi, is not the first one in the same premises. Last year, Kigunzu and her co-accused had been charged that on August 15, 2023 along Lipa Dr road, Nairobi they trafficked bhang valued at Sh18.3 million.

They also faced another count of being in possession of money, which was declared as proceeds of crime. They all denied the charges before Magistrate Njeri Thuku.

The latest incident follows complaints from residents that the Kariuwa den, reportedly linked to a woman known as Mathe Wa Ngara, was back in business.

Here is Kariuwa A, and B, which are all informal settlements occupying a road reserve along Kipande Road.

Police say bhang handled in the area reportedly originates from associates based in Isebania, Busia, Moyale and Ethiopia where upon receipt, the dealers store, package and distribute to numerous other clients, at times the consignment is transported to other major towns like Machakos, Thika, Kiambu, Muranga and Mombasa.

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