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Pauline Njoroge blasts men who eavesdrop in her inbox

Blogger Pauline Njoroge (left), with Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Blogger Pauline Njoroge has come out guns blazing against men who get into ladies’ inboxes to send them love messages.

Young and sassy Pauline Njoroge, known for her political blogs and strong affiliations with Azimio wing of Kenya’s political divide, has of late been so vocal on non political stuffs. Among her biggest concerns have been about many men who do frequent her inbox with ‘love’ messages, but haven’t even met, nor dated, her. “Josephine Waithiru, 🤣🤣🤣 Ati ‘I have missed you Sana babe. When am I seeing you?’ Hadi you start wondering whether you have ever dated the man in your previous life because the message doesn’t make sense🤣,” Pauline Njoroge is quoted as responding to one of her Facebook followers.

According to the blogger, there is no sense in calling someone, whom you’ve just seen her beautiful photo on social media ‘babe’ or ‘bae’. Pauline lamented that many men nowadays check into ladies’ inboxes but they (men) don’t have any content that would lure a lady to give such a man a second thought.

“Hey, hi, hi, xaxa, I love you babe etc 😬😬😬
This menace should come to an end as we close 2022,” observed a bare-knuckled Pauline Njoroge.

“If you really have an interest in a woman and not just infatuation/lust, you will take time to understand what she likes or what her interests are, and therefore be able to start a conversation based on that. You can be sure this will be a successful approach and can lead to very desirable results where the title babe and I love you messages flow naturally,” Pauline added.

In response to her posts, many ladies seemed to have agreed with the issue raised by the blogger. A lot of ladies felt that men’s tendency of eavesdropping in women’s inboxes has been on the rise, and that it brings out a man who is not able to articulate his relationship intentions in a mature manner.

Pauline Njoroge came into limelight when she stuck with Raila Odinga’s Azimio coalition, as a blogger. She was at the inner circle of those youth who were behind online branding of Azimio leader and the coalition party. Many people, especially those from the other wing of the political divide, chided her after their side (Kenya Kwanza) ‘won’ the 2022 presidential elections.

It is not about the number of messages that count, but the content in the message. Hi hi a thousand times cannot be considered as effort🤣
Men’s Conference” over to you!

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