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‘Pastor’ Ezakiel Odera arrested for questioning

Mombasa-based televangelist Ezakiel Odera (in white gown) is being escorted by police after he was arrested.

Mombasa-based televangelist Ezakiel Odera was today nabbed by sleuths following speculations that there could be mass killing at his church.

The controversial preacher was arrested just days after another pastor, Mackenzie Nthenge, was also arrested after it was established that he put members of his church in a dry fasting, a situation which led to death of more than 100 people so far.

Mr Ezakiel Odera is said to be involved in mass killing of his followers. Mr Ezakiel Odera is known for the suspicious preaching of ‘stars’ – and giving his followers hope whenever he gives them prophesies.

Social media has been awash with news that ‘pastor’ Ezakiel Odera has been arrested.

In the recent past, Mr Ezakiel Odera has gained a very huge following, something that has been attributed to his preaching of hope on stars. He has been claiming (to those who go for his services) that it was due to their ‘lost star’ that things might not be going well in their lives.

Over 100 of his followers were hauled from his church, in Malindi – and will be helping the police with investigations.

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