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Our government is like a Company – Says Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said the Kenya Kwanza government is like a company guaranteed by shares.

In this regard, he added that those who supported and voted for them must enjoy the benefits first describing them as the largest shareholders.

The Deputy President said those who didnt vote for them do not own any shares in their administration and should therefore not expect government appointments before the largest shareholders get positions.

He criticized opposition politicians and those who defected after they won for trooping to statehouse to seek favours before those who stood by them during campaigns and said that he will act as a gatekeeper to ensure that only those who supported them benefit.

“This government is a company that has shares. There are owners who have the majority of shares, and those with just a few, while others do not have any. You invested in this government and you must reap. You sowed, tilled, put manure and irrigated, and now it is time to reap.” Said Gachagua.

His statement has not gone down well with Kenyans who term his remarks divisive and unfortunate. Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohamed wondered how all Kenyans were expected to pay taxes to a government owned by a few individuals. “If the Government of the Republic of Kenya has become a company with shareholders then how will all Kenyans pay taxes to a company belonging to two individuals?” he said.

According to Gachagua although the government would serve all Kenyans, it was prudent, fair and logical to reward its supporters with government appointments. “Elections have significance. You cannot make noise talking ill of Ruto then after he wins you get in line to get benefits before those who were with him. Their time of reaping will come after those who sowed have finished reaping,” he said.

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