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Oscar Sudi Remains Defiant

Oscar Sudi.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi is not new to controversies. He is ever in the limelight over his loose and sharp tongue. A few days ago he issued scathing and cutting remarks against President Kenyatta and his family. In a recorded speech, the legislator was heard referring to Kenyattas as a disrespectful establishment with disdain for poor families and persons hailing from poor backgrounds. He specifically blamed Mama Ngina Kenyatta for the woes this country is facing.

As expected, many leaders came out in condemnation of the legislator urging him to restrain from use of abusive and offensive language. They termed his utterances as vulgar and full of contempt for the elderly and asked for his apology. However, the vocal MP has refused to cede ground. He remains defiant over his remarks by arguing his opinions were nothing but the truth. Sudi claims and even quotes the Bible; Isaiah 49:15 “Everyone has a mother and those mothers have or had mothers….”

0scar Sudi therefore instead demands apology from the leaders who have condemned and abused him over his honest sentiments over the first family. The Kapseret representative in the National Assembly urged the rest of Kenyans to stop defending the rich and their mothers when their own have been neglected. Surprisingly, netizens have been wowed by Sudi’s stand and have come out in his defence. Kenyans on twitter echoed his sentiments arguing that the first family will not forever hold this country hostage over their selfish ambitions and taste.

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