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ODM Chair John Mbadi tells Mudavadi, Kalonzo & Wetangula to Move On.

ODM Chairman John Mbadi


Nothing Hon Kalonzo Musyoka, Hon. Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Moses Wetangula tells Kenyans about the events surrounding Raila Odinga’s swearing over three years ago will change the fact that these three men are inconsistent and incoherent cowards. Nothing they say now will change H.E Odinga’s position that he will not endorse any of them because they can never fight for themselves and can therefore never fight for Kenyans.

Just before the swearing-in, NASA had a series of rallies dubbed people’s assemblies. The last one before the Uhuru Park event was in Homa Bay. At the rally in Homa Bay, Hon Musalia was categorical that the swearing in vehicle was no longer stoppable as it had run out of breaks. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka said he was even ready to swear in Hon. Odinga there in Homa Bay even before Uhuru Park.
Then the excuses started.

When the swearing in first happened, Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula said they failed to attend the event because they had lost touch with Hon Raila Odinga, who had promised to reach them via a Nigerian telephone line but did not do so.

Later on, the three leaders claimed that they missed the event because they had been put under some kind of house arrest, with their security details withdrawn and their homes marooned by police officers. The Government denied ever deploying any security officers at the homes of the three. Instead, information emerged that the three pleaded with the government to arrest them so that they could have an explanation for missing the swearing in.

Hon Kalonzo Musyoka later claimed that their absence was a strategy agreed on with Hon. Odinga. Kalonzo claimed they had agreed he would himself be sworn in at a later date. Apparently, that later date has not come even as we approach another election.
Yesterday, Kalonzo claimed that as a Senior Counsel, he could not bring himself to an illegality that the swearing- in was. That despite the fact that Kalonzo was not a Senior Counsel at the time of the swearing in and that even today, there are serious doubts whether he deserves the title.

Musalia on the other hand abandoned the Nigeria telephone line narrative and the supposed blockade by national security officers. He now claims that Hon Odinga duped them into backing him in 2017.

The pattern fits what Kenyans already know about the so-called NASA principals: They are cowards. They cannot stand on their own feet and they trying to force Mr. Odinga to endorse them. Mr. Odinga will do no such endorsement. As a party, we will strongly discourage Hon. Odinga from doing so.

We encourage Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi to stop whining and be their own men for once in their political careers. The three are free to continue clinging to NASA. That too is consistent with their nature. They are never able to read the signs of the times and move.

FEBRUARY 22, 2021.

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