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“No need to raise alarm on Covid19 infections”, says Health Ministry.

Kenya’s health ministry has ruled out reintroduction of restrictions imposed in curbing the spread of corona virus disease in the country.

The ministry of health, on Monday14 said that the increase in Covid-19 infection rates in the country should not be a cause for alarm.

Acting Director for Health Dr. Patrick Amoth said the number of persons being tested is low and not a representative of the general population.

“We are not thinking of reinstating earlier measures that we had phased out. We believe the numbers are not representative of the actual situation and do not warrant reintroduction of such measures,” Dr. Amoth stated.

Doctor Amoth added that the numbers tested comprise majorly of those looking for COVID free certification for travel purposes and not the general public.

We are not worried over the increase in infection rates. We are testing considerably low number Kenyans who are majorly looking for travel documents. This is not representative of the Kenyan population,” he said.

Even though the positivity rate has spiked in the last 24 hours lapsing Sunday, admissions across the country still remained low.

Doctor Patrick Amoth further added that the number of persons admitted in health facilities across the country currently stood at 26, is an indication that health facilities are not strained with the surge in numbers.

The uptake of COVID vaccines has remained low with only 9.9 million adults vaccinated representing 36.4 per cent of the adult population.

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