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How NIBS is rocking the Entertainment Industry

“Once a street boy, now running my own company”

Not I But Christ, (NIBS) Is an entertainment company based in Isiolo, spearheaded by Wisdom Kizito whose main desire is to help the youths find an escape through entertainment. Isiolo, the bedrock of terrorism, “most youths do drugs because they are idle!”

His childhood was not a very beautiful one, “after my parents got separated, I ended up in the streets.” Wisdom was a street boy until 2012, looking back is enough encouragement to keep moving forward.

According to Kizito, it was during a Campus tour in Mombasa that he thought of coming up with his entertainment company, to give artistes a platform. “I saw an artiste begging the MC to give him a chance to perform,” it was at this time that he thought of making it easier for other artistes to showcase their talent without necessarily bribing for a chance to perform. “I was a spoken word artiste on the same platform at that time.”

Kizito uses his entertainment company to empower youths, being a pastoralist community, “the challenge is huge, mostly because pastoral talents are not appreciated,” and they do not get the much support because old folks look at it as a taboo or immoral. “poverty.” He says “is also a challenge.”

Kizito does not have sponsors but instead, “I merchandise branded T-shirts, hoods and caps that generate income for me and the youths.” He uses this to keep the youths busy and distract them from being part of criminal activities. “We also provide sound system for hire as a way of making money.” Also, they are event coverage and booking agent for artistes.

NIBS entertainment has had the honour of working with household names like, Vivian Kenya, Sudi Boy; King Kaka, MC Tricky and Mamito among others. “When we have events that need major contributions, we reach out to organizations or politicians for support.

“Yes! This movement pays my bills, it has been tough to get here.” The company which was started in 2013, but registered in 2018 Wisdom says, “It pays my bills.” Equally, it pays for those working under him. However, they are not on a monthly salary but whenever there is a project, everyone gets their own share.

Like any other company, NIBS entertainment was also affected by Corona virus that brought the economy to a standstill. “I had five gigs which were both cancelled, yet I had paid artistes deposit to perform.” Wisdom thinks that the event management industry will be the last to recover.

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