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New era for the Kenyan Judiciary

Yesterday marked a long journey of transformation in the Kenyan Judicial System after the Chief Justice David Kenani  Maraga launched a digital platform for court processes.

This new development implies that Kenyans will be able  to pay and track their cases online without necessarily having to visit the court premises.The lawyers will only be required to file their cases online and await hearings from judges who will deliver rulings using those online platforms.

For the time being, the digital migration will only apply to Nairobi top courts before the same is fully rolled out to the rest of the country.The Director of Public Prosecution Mr. Nordin Haji hailed the process, terming it as one that will not only reduce cases of corruption in the corridors of justice but also enhance transparency.

Chief Justice David Maraga however expressed some doubts on the project saying that its success will be determined by the availability of funds.He went ahead to say that the project may not see the light of day if they do not get the necessary funds to facilitate it.This comes at a time when there has been push and pull between the judiciary and the executive regarding the budget allocated to them.

The new development could not have come at a better time like now when the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many courts around the world to embrace the online justice system.




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