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Netizens angry over ODM’s stance to Impeach Obado

Barely a week after being charged with corruption, Governor Obado faces an impeachment threat. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has passed a resolution to have Governor Obado removed from office. “Due to corruption charges leveled against Governor Okoth Obado and the decision by the court to bar him from accessing his office, the party in consultations with County MCAs has resolved to have a motion of impeachment against the governor initiated immediately” the ODM’s statement read.

The position adopted by ODM party seemingly is one that has not gone well with a majority of Kenyans, as many took to social media to vent their anger against it. The netizens accused ODM of hypocrisy as it remained mum over Babu Owino’ s attempted murder charges, yet quick to seek Obado’s removal from office over unproven graft charges. The netizens further questioned why ODM could not have sought Obado’s impeachment when he was first charged with Sharon Otieno murder.

Kenyans have labeled the impeachment motion against the governor as far-fetched and sheer political witch-hunt, considering Obado’s perceived links with the Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto. Some joked of Obado’s defiance to remit Capitol Hill tithes as a major motivation of his woes. Governor Obado has come out himself to rubbish the impeachment plans as a charade, expressing his deep-seated confidence in the independence of his MCAs in discharging their constitutional mandates.

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