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Mkenya Daima decries absence of IEBC Commissioners

Mkenya Daima Initiative, a non-partisan multi-stakeholder platform on Tuesday 26th September made a significant presentation to the National Dialogue Committee (NDC) at the Bomas of Kenya.

The delegation, led by Mr. Mucahi Kanyiha, Chairman of the Mkenya Daima Initiative, comprised representatives from various sectors including Dr James Mwangi from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Mr. Daniel Juma from Global Peace Foundation Kenya, Lawyer Joyner Okonjo, Ms Susan Nganga and Mr. Mochama.

The presentation focused on key issues affecting the nation and proposed solutions to address these concerns. The delegation highlighted the importance of peace and stability in promoting business continuity and prosperity for Kenya as a nation.

One of the central themes of the presentation was the need to enhance the prosperity of all Kenyans through good leadership, integrity, accountability, and individual responsibility. The Mkenya Daima Initiative emphasized their commitment to constitutionalism as stated in the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, which aims for a democratic, inclusive, and institutional framework.

The presentation underscored the interconnected nature of the issues at hand, emphasizing that addressing the cost of living crisis required a holistic approach. This crisis was attributed to various factors such as declining productivity in key sectors, heavy government borrowing, corruption and waste, and increasing bureaucracy and taxation. The Mkenya Daima team stressed the importance of resolving these fundamental issues to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis.

Moreover, the presentation delved into other outstanding constitutional matters, including the implementation of the two-thirds gender rule, governance issues, and adequate checks and balances. They called for the strengthening of democratic institutions, promoting national unity and inclusivity in public appointments, and ensuring an independent and effective judiciary.

On the subject of electoral justice, the delegation expressed concern over the paralysis of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) due to the failure to appoint new Commissioners. They emphasized the urgency of restructuring the IEBC and carrying out boundaries delineation to safeguard the integrity of future elections.

Regarding the entrenchment of funds into the constitution and the establishment of state offices, Mkenya Daima opposed the creation of new or additional funds and questioned the necessity of certain state offices, such as the Office of Leader of the Opposition and the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary.

Lastly, the delegation stressed the importance of fidelity to political parties and coalitions, urging parties to maintain discipline within their ranks. They also called for the enhancement of institutions responsible for handling party disputes and encouraged quick resolution of any issues that may arise.

Overall, the presentation by the Mkenya Daima team to the National Dialogue Committee addressed critical issues facing the nation and proposed viable solutions. The delegation’s engagement with the committee, chaired by former Vice President Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka and EALA legislator Hassan Omar, indicated a commitment to constructive dialogue for the betterment of Kenya.

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