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Miguna Miguna celebrates Matiangi’s “police” woes

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has said he is happy that justice is finally catching up with Fred Matiang’i after police raided the former Interior CS’s Karen home in an attempt to arrest him.

“I’m happy that Justice is finally catching up with Fred Okeng’o Matiang’i. He murdered, tortured and plundered with impunity in the past 10 years. The blood of innocent Kenyans is crying out for justice and recompense! It’s time!” said Matiangi on his social media.

Miguna Miguna who was deported under the instruction of the former CS tweeted “Conman @RailaOdinga and despot Uhuru Kenyatta belong in HELL with Fred Okeng’o Matiang’i and Karanja Kibicho. They believed, wrongly, that they were above the law. The conman should be arrested and locked up if he tries to obstruct the Police or @EACCKenya officers!”

Miguna said that Matiang’i deserves to be jailed for 350 years for the mass murder and torture of innocent Kenyans. For abductions, forced exile, plunder of public resources and for disobeying court orders. He added that the home Matiangi built with stolen public money hasn’t been blown up and he hasn’t been tortured like he Miguna was treated.

“Fred Okeng’o Matiang’i and Karanja Kibicho sent 8 unmarked police vehicles and more than 50 heavily armed GOONS who blew up my house with BOMBS and ABDUCTED me at gunpoint and DETAINED me incommunicado on 2 Feb. 2018. But Matiang’i is now wailing about 5 police vehicles?” said Miguna.

Miguna Miguna also criticized former Prime Minister Raila Odinga saying “After Fred Okeng’o Matiang’i & Co illegally abducted and detained me on February 2, 2018, conman @RailaOdinga never visited my home. He never issued a statement condemning my abduction, torture and forced exile. The TRAITOR deserves to burn in hell!”

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