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“Marry Me” Bomet businessman begs Linet Toto

Barely a week after Mumias East MP threatened to impregnate Bomet Woman Representative Linet Toto, her little known boyfriend has come out on Valentines Day to defend his territory.

In a colourful engagement ceremony Bomet businessman Godfrey Kimutai Tonui was pictured on his knee with a ring in hand surrounded by lights screaming “Marry Me”.

Its not clear if Toto said Yes or No to the proposal but the legislator was seen in other photos holding on to flowers given to her by Kimutai a sign that things went well.

Toto was recently in the news when she slammed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over his continued anti-Ruto rallies. “This old man started his political protests even before I was born. He started in 1997, then came to 2007, 2013, 2017, and 2022 and he claims that the election was rigged. I want to tell you that President Ruto was voted in by Kenyans as their fifth President.” said Toto.

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Her statement di not do down well with Mumias East MP Peter Salasya who threatened to “impregnate” her for talking down at Raila Odinga. Salasya called out Toto asking her to respect Raila Odinga or else she will face it rough in the political world. “There is this young lady who was elected when she doesn’t even have money like me and now she is talking ill of Baba, I’m going to deal with her,” Pater Salasya said.

The Bomet Woman Representative was also in the news when she was sued by two Bomet residents for employing six of her relatives to her office.

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