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Manyara leads young leaders in unpacking Azimio manifesto

Kenya University Students Organisation (KUSO) leadership led by its Chairman Anthony Manyara joined other Kenyan youth leaders in Serena Hotel to unpack the recently launched Azimio manifesto and its benefits to the youth.

The young leaders said the Azimio Manifesto is pivotal on Education to all, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Job creation which are vital interests for the Youth of this country and dismissed attempts by those trying to water down the crucial documents. “Attempts to water down an agenda whose time has come is a like attempting to whistle while sneezing.” said Mr. Manyara who also sits at the Azimio Presidential Secretariat.

The leaders who later addressed the media included Jubilee Youth League Chairperson Adviceroi Mundalo , KANU chair Charles Lemein, KUSO top leadership and a battery of youth leaders. They all pitched the fundamentals of the Azimio Manifesto saying it places premium on the interests of the Young people.

They said the aspects of the document ranging from Azimio La Ugatuzi, Azimio La Jitihada, Azimio La Kina Mama, Azimio La Vijana, Azimio La Ukulima, Azimio La Wananchi, Azimio La Uwajibikaji, Waste not a single Child, Maji Kwa Kila Boma, to the high octane BABA Care will highly transform the country and benefit the young people who are the majority stakeholders.

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