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Man United’s 7-0 drabbing and the fun part of it

A picture of scoreline at Anfield when Liverpool hit seven past United.

The fun of 7-0 drabbing! It is said that the juicier the news, the merrier the writing. This reality was recently witnessed at Anfield.

As a sports pundit and writer, getting news is what forms a core component of my profession. The more I get news the more I am sure that my daily bread is secured.

Some people have taken the 7-0 drabbing of Manchester united at Anfield in the hands of Liverpool to another level. Yes, some can even say ‘seventh heaven’. Peter Drury, the celebrated English commentator has been known to be the man behind weaving of words. He never misses it when a catastrophe happens in the world of soccer. He had the following to say, on United’s 7-0 humiliation in the hands of Liverpool: “SEVENTH HEAVEN. Inexplicable, illogical, irrational, scarcely digestible, rarely conceivable. This is Liverpool as you remember them and Manchester United as they would rather forget,”

Currently, there is a tired funny line that has refused to pave the way on the social media. Following the 7-0 demolition, many fans of the opposing teams, especially Arsenal’s, have opted to give no United fan any chance of speaking. “Seven days a week” looks like a normal thing, but the context of its mentioning leaves more than meets the eye. People have intentionally decided to fashion and redesign everything with an intention to chide Manchester United fans.

Actually, some people have even replaced number seven with Manchester United badge. Those who do graphic designs with programs like Photoshop have cleverly taken United’s badge, removed the name ‘United’, and replaced it with the name ‘City’. Message? To show people that in the town of Manchester, there is only Manchester City, and not Manchester United.

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