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Fake pastor Mackenzie instructs prisoners to fast to death

Prison wardens at Shimo La Tewa prison have got a letter purported to have instructions from Mackenzie that other prisoners fast to death.

The controversial letter is said to have been authored by one Kelvin Sudi Asena, alias Alfred Asena, one of Mackenzie’s closest associates. Speaking on the said letter, the Director of Public Prosecution said the contents of the letter are “dangerous.”
“The content of the said letter provides religious instructions. The information provides a basis for fasting to death,” he said.

According to the State, Asena, the author of the letter, always sits next to Mackenzie while in court, and is always seen consulting with him. He also always liked to be paired with Mackenzie when handcuffed.

In a supporting affidavit, Chief Inspector Raphael Wanjohi, the lead investigator into the Shakahola massacre, said they believe the letter discloses religious instructions arising from an extreme belief system.

“Upon analysis of the cumulative content, the investigators are of the view that the information is consistent with the witness account of witnesses who resided in Shakahola before the massacre, and is also consistent with the videos of the preaching of Mackenzie as part of his recruitment crusades,” Wanjohi said.

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