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Kitui governor Charity Ngilu debunks Ruto’s bottom up slogan

William Samoei Ruto, Mr. Bottoms Up Economy, your economic model can’t be explained in concrete numbers with specific expected results because it is amorphous and is meant to hoodwink unsuspecting Kenyans.

For 8 years as the Deputy President, you have been and still are the Chairperson of Inter-Governmental Budgetary and Economic Council (IBEC), which is the highest executive organ where all the budgetary allocations are done in this country. Yet you have never made a single phone call or a proposal for a manufacturing plant but you can make a phone call to set up a Ksh. 15 billion manufacturing plant in Uganda? Who are you fooling?

You attack the initiative by President Uhuru Kenyatta to set up a Ksh 4 billion small arms factory in Ruiru which you claim that the money used in the arms factory could have employed 20,000 young people. This means, by your own logic, that the 15 billion factory you helped set up in Uganda could have employed over 75,000 young people. Your choice? Employ 75,000 young people in Uganda and give wheelbarrows, handcarts and handouts to Kenyan youths. Ni sawa tu!

The Ruiru small arms factory saves Kenya billions of shillings in arms bought from abroad and ensures the money circulates in Kenya besides creating jobs for local hustlers. Something you might not appreciate in your Bottoms Up logic.

Mr. Bottoms Up, the action of setting up a manufacturing plant in Uganda while President Uhuru Kenyatta is grappling with manufacturing says a lot about your character and the place our country Kenya occupies in your heart. How many Kenyan youths have been denied jobs with that factory you have helped set up in Uganda? Are Kenyan youth not worth of manufacturing jobs? Are Kenyan youth only worth pushing wheelbarrows and handcarts?

Like you always tell us, Kenya iko na upungufu ya wajinga, na tutakuonyesha vile wajinga wameisha Kenya. You say you’ll support small manufacturing groups. Most of these groups cannot meet the cost of power to run their small businesses. Do you know the cost of power in Kenya today? Was it not under your watch and your cronies that KPLC went bust? Kaput? Ama tuwachie mungu?

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