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Kisumu County bans personal vehicles in the City

Kisumu City

Kisumu County has banned motorists from parking in the city’s Central Business District from 22nd February 2021. As a result, defiant motorists have been ejected from the CBD as the county enforces new rules which allow Public Service Vehicles to pick and drop for only 5 minutes.

Kisumu City is implementing a beautification project which aims at ensuring safer city mobility for all County residents. The project’s highlights include ; site clearance and top soil striping, earthworks, culverts and drainage works, utilities and service ducts, footpaths and cycle tracks, table top pedestrian crossings, and general beautification of the Kisumu city triangle that includes Ang’awa Avenue, Oginga Odinga Street and Achieng’ Oneko Avenue.

Under the programme dubbed, “Transforming Kisumu City Through Enhanced Urban Aesthetics”, the City of Kisumu through Public Private Partnerships have joined hands with other stakeholders to clean and beautify the city and its environs beginning with the beautification of roundabouts, gardens, parks, and open spaces, urban afforestation and streetscaping.

Kisumu has been identified to host the 9th Edition of Africities Summit, a premier gathering that brings together cities and local Governments in Africa in a platform that shares and discusses experiences of the urban space. The beatification process follows a concept of intermediary cities being the focal growth areas of Africa’s Urbanization where the continent expects to generate about 60% of its Growth Domestic Product (GDP).

Kisumu is the first Intermediary City to host Africities and is positioning itself as a focal intermediary city for economic development

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