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Kisumu Cop shoots Husband for ignoring phone call; Charged with attempted Murder

A Kisumu police officer who shot her husband on 5th July has has been charged with attempted murder before the Kisumu law court. Maureen Awuor allegedly shot her husband with an Ak 47 because he had failed to answer her phone calls and was charged  Tuesday 8/7/2020, with an attempted murder before Winam Senior Residents Magistrate Fatuma Rashid.

The administration police officer, attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU), was accused of committing the crime at Dago area within Kisumu County. The victim Victor Odhiambo Onunga 28, is a clinical officer at Milimani Hospital in Kisumu.

Maureen came home from her duties at the DCC’s offices in Kasagam to find Victor watching television at their house, after she returned home from her duties post at the DCC’s office at Kasagam.  The suspect stood at the door while armed with her official Ak47 rifle. She told Odhiambo that she was going to kill him and kill herself. She cocked the gun and shot him twice  injuring him on the right side of the head,” the report read.

The suspect is said to have quarreled with her husband after accusing him of failing to answer her calls and giving their house help Sh 50 for lunch without consulting her.  Awuor pleaded not guilty, and was released on 2 million shillings bond or Sh 500,000 bail.  The case will be mentioned on July 21 ahead of hearing in September 9 2020.

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