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Kenyans to earn from content on Facebook

Kenyans will begin monetizing their content on Facebook and Instagram by June this year. This was confirmed by President Ruto.

This makes Kenya one of the few countries in the continent enjoying the feature.

The move was announced by the Facebook President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg in a meeting with President William Ruto at State House Nairobi

The announcement is a culmination of a year-long push by the government led by the president to have creators earn for their online content.

“Kenyan content creators who meet the eligibility criteria will now earn from their Facebook and Instagram spaces as we start monetization by June this year,” Nick said.

President William Ruto praised the partnership between Kenya and global digital platforms on the monetisation of content.

“Now content creators can begin earning from their imagination and creativity. I have kept my word to negotiate and get them fresh opportunities,”

He added: “We are banking on the digital space to create jobs for the millions of jobless youths in our country.”

President Ruto welcomed plans to have monetization of their content on Facebook and Instagram available on M-Pesa.

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