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Kenyans are tired, Azimio leader now says

A section of protesters during the recent street demos in Kenya.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has taken a swipe at the Ruto-led administration, saying that saying that Kenyans are tired of inflated taxes.

The leader reiterated that there was no need for the government to hike prices of basic commodities, saying that it is making life unbearable to the common Kenyan. The doyen of the opposition politics in Kenya was speaking to the press during a consultative meeting with the International Press Association of East Africa (IPAEA) at a Nairobi hotel on July 25, 2023.

“After the passage of the Finance Act, Kenyans have defied party, political and regional divides and united to resist punitive taxation and demand the lowering of the cost of basic commodities,
“That the tax burden is unbearable, is no longer a party issue; it is a Kenyan issue.”

Earlier, Raila said his Tumechoka Citizen’s Initiative has collected up to 8.5 million signatures.

For more than two months now, Kenyans have been coming out in droves to express their dissatisfaction with the manner Kenya Kwanza government is handling the economy – which majority of people still feel that it’s not going in the right direction, according to the recent Infotrak poll survey.

The current administration came into power under the wings of promises upon promises, but what is currently coming out is the pale shadow of what the current head of State, and his team, promised Kenyans during their campaigns.

The Azimio leader feels that Kenyans are tired, and that it is the onus of the governing team to shelve the suffering Kenyans from the pangs of hunger.

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