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KCSE candidates complain over tough papers

KCSE candidates.

KCSE candidates have expressed dissatisfaction in the manner in which this year’s examination were set.

Speaking to Nyanza daily, the candidates lamented that some of the questions were beyond the syllabus and requested the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to be considerate while marking.

As a result, they gave examples of chemistry papers which according to them were way much difficult for them to answer.

However, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Magoha dismissed the claims by the learners, terming them as lazy students.

Magoha said that all papers go through various stages before printing and that the questions statisfy Bloom’s taxonomy.

Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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One thought on “KCSE candidates complain over tough papers

  1. The yesteryear student that we knew is no longer.
    The teacher we knew is no longer the person in class.
    We’re now having soft broilers in class as students.
    They’re taught by a demotivated dont-care teacher whose content mastery is seriously wanting…in fact,some teachers who would terribly fail in the same subject they taught if they sat the same exam.
    -Parenting/soothing the “child” too much by society/government.
    -Teacher frustrated via poor pay thus just “teaching and going home”.

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