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Jubilee leaders come out guns blazing to defend Uhuru

Nairobi Jubilee leaders have come out guns blazing and told Kenya Kwanza government to stop harassing former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The leaders, led by the Party’s Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni, told off some (UDA) United Democratic Alliance leaders to focus on delivery their pre-election pledges to the nation, instead of targeting the former President and his assets.

In the recent times, there have been what can be interpreted to mean that the government is hell-bent in directly attacking the former President and his assets. Majority Leader in the National Assembly Kimani Ichungwa recently came out castigating the Kenyatta family for tax evasion. The Majority Leader was bullish that there is nothing they could be done by the Azimio side (now that they are in government) which they overcame when they (tangatanga side) were ‘removed’ from the government – through handshake.

In a presser today, the former ruling party, Jubilee Party, warned the ruling coalition against going on revenge mission, but instead focus their energy on helping Kenyans.
“The group warned the illegitimate regime to quit harassing Uhuru Kenyatta in his retirement and focus on delivering the promises they made during the campaigns and on lowering the cost of power, fuel and basic commodities,” the party said on Twitter. The group included Jubilee leaders from Nairobi, and other aspirants in the last election.

They affirmed their commitment to Jubilee and Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance.

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