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Igathe: I am the one for you in Nairobi, but its your choice

The blue-eyed corporate executive says a politician is simply a servant of the people and that what Nairobi requires is service.

Nairobi gubernatorial candidate on the Azimio-One Kenya ticket Polycarp Igathe has urged Nairobi residents to vote for him to enable him deliver much needed services in the city.

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Speaking during a meeting hosted by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance at the Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi, Igathe said that the conversation in the city should change from what needs to be done to who will do what the citizens want and cautioned voters not to entrust Nairobi with people with questionable credentials.

The former Deputy Governor defended his unique campaign style saying that he is celebrating “Blue collar” workers who are the foundation of any city.

Nairobi a crime Scene

On matters corruption, Igathe said Nairobi is one big crime scene and that corruption will be declared a state of emergency in his administration. He said the city collects Shs. 4.2 billion yet the potential is Kshs. 200 billion. “Nairobi is captured by cartels and organized criminals. Nairobi is a big organized criminal field of cartels……Am proposing something ballistic that we activate Chapter 4 of the constitution and part 4 that we declare corruption a state emergency,” he added.

Igathe said the constitution allows the President of the country together with the governor to speak and declare a state of emergency and added that the war against graft will be won only if the vice is tamed in Nairobi fight against corruption.

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