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ICC Witness lawyer Paul Gicheru dies after alleged poisoning

Lawyer Paul Gicheru.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) witness Mr. Paul Gicheru was on Monday evening found dead at his karen home under mysterious circumstances.

According to the police, the lawyer had late lunch then went to sleep but he never woke up again. The delay to wake up made his family members suspicious since it was never normal for him to sleep during the day.

At the same time, the police revealed that Paul Gicheru might have died from food poisoning, adding that his son too collapsed and was recovering in the hospital.

“He had late lunch and felt unwell and went to bed but he did not wake up. His son too collapsed and was taken to Karen hospital in stable condition,” police said.

Following his death, journalists made their way to Karen but they were stopped at the gate by the family. They will be addressing the media on Tuesday according to the family spokesman.

The deceased lawyer was accused of interfering with the administration of justice by corruptly influencing witnesses of the Court.

He allegedly bribed witnesses to either recant their testimonies or refuse to testify in the crimes against humanity case that faced President William Ruto and former journalist Joshua Sang. 

According to the prosecution, Gicheru offered bribes and other inducements, in exchange for withdrawal as witnesses or recantation of their prior statements to the prosecution.

Paul Gicheru shocked Kenyans after he willingly took himself to the ICC following push and pulls after a warrant of arrest was issued against him in 2015 together with another Kenyan by the name Philip Kipkoech Bett for corrupting witnesses.

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