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I won’t support Raila in 2027, dares Kalonzo

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has stated that he can never again support Raila Odinga’s presidential ambitions in 2027.

Speaking on Wednesday, Kalonzo was categorical that he would never forfeit his 2027 glorious chance of leading the country come, by supporting Raila’s forth stab at presidency. The first time that the Wiper party leader supported Raila was in 2013 general elections, as Raila’s running mate – with Cord coalition. Then came 2017, when NASA’s juggernaut swept the whole country only to fall short of clinching presidency.

In 2022, Kalonzo was again in Raila’s team, but this time round, not as a running mate, but as a would-be beneficiary of the unconstitutional Prime Cabinet Secretary’s office – a portfolio that is currently held by Musalia Mudavadi.

2027 is three years away but drum bits have already started to rent the air. The former vice President has exuded confidence that he is the only one who has wherewithal to remove Ruto from power.

“Everyone in this country knows very well who William Ruto’s challenger is, and he has made it very clear himself. I am waiting for this endorsement by the party and bring it to fruition. I don’t think the coalition will have a problem.”

On New Year’s Eve, Kalonzo in an interview said that he would not support a Raila Odinga presidential bid, should he decide to vie in 2027.
According to Kalonzo, giving up his presidential bid again will mean he retires from politics.

He insisted that it was not an option for him.
“Giving up my presidential ambition (for Raila) will mean I go home. It’s as simple as that. Giving up my presidential ambition is not an option. The country is saying so and this time he (William Ruto) better be ready. The country is seeing it, the stars are aligned,” he said.

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