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How Gor Mahia found themselves in Tanzania

The decision to have Gor Mahia play their CAF (Confederation of African Football) home matches Kenya should be a wake-up call to Kenya’s leadership.

First, it started with Kenyan football league champions go without even a cent from our football governing body FKF. The lame excuse they gave of not having a sponsor of the tournament, hence not being able to reward the winners with money is another joke taken too far.

Today, as it stands, Gor Mahia went home without any money from Football Kenya Federation (FKF). Immediately, their win was ratified by FIFA, now we are told that there’s not even a single stadium in Kenya that has been approved by world football governing body FIFA. That could be true. However, the question is, why are the situations static, to the point that we even borrow stadia?

Already, we have China loan that is pulling us back day by day. In the streets, there are maandamanos (street protests) that are steadily gaining traction around the whole country.

What is my point? Luos say that fish rots from the head…

Back to Gor Mahia issue. We honestly can’t tell how on earth Tanzania is capable of having world class stadia whereas Kenya, with all our know-it-all mentality, we cannot have a football pitch that can be approved for our own teams to play on.

I repeat, Luos did say – in one of their adage – that fish rots from the head…

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